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Pottery Classes at Erie ClaySpace downtown erie, pa
Ron McCorkle demonstrates proper technique in the wheel class

Are you looking for a new creative hobby? Perhaps you’re an artist interested in adding ceramics to your portfolio? Or are you just looking to get your hands dirty and have some fun? Pottery classes at Erie ClaySpace offer something for all skill levels.

Erie ClaySpace offers classes in wheel-thrown pottery and hand-built/sculptural ceramics. Our four-, six- and eight-week programs offer in-depth instruction in the fundamentals of working with clay. You will learn about:

  • The physical properties of clay.
  • How to make simple and complex forms either on the wheel or by hand.
  • How to decorate your ceramics with techniques like slip-trailing, underglazing and wax-resist.

You will glaze and fire your pieces in the kiln. You will be given creative freedom and encouragement to develop your personal aesthetic.

Open Studio

Erie ClaySpace offers free open studio sessions for its students included in the cost of the class. Every student enrolled in a multi-week ceramics class can come to the studio for two hours on Saturday to hone their craft and practice techniques learned in class. Open Studio is self-study time; while there is no instruction during this time, ECSAA members are available to provide guidance and assistance as needed.

Ceramics on the Wheel
Instructor Sarah Whitman
Learn how to use the potter’s wheel and create your own unique ceramic ware! For both beginners and those with some experience. Students work with a variety of traditional techniques to create cups, bowls, plates and other vessels. Students are given creative freedom and challenged to develop their own personal aesthetic! Ages 14 to adult.

Daytime Class Meets Tuesdays for 6 weeks


Evening Class Meets Thursdays for 6 weeks

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Hand-building, 4-Week Class
Instructor Sarah Whitman
This 4 week class is a terrific way to unwind after work. Learn to create a variety of functional food safe wares that you can use everyday, such as: Mugs, Plates, Bowls. Vases, Coasters,Trivets and containers. (These pieces also make unique gifts!). Perfect for beginners. Ages 14 to adult.

Meets Wednesday Evenings for 4 weeks

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Handbuilding, 8-Week Class
Instructor Dave Scribner
A deeper dive into hand-building and sculpture for beginners and those with some experience. The expanded class format will allow students more time to explore hand-building and sculptural techniques, and to develop personal projects. Ages 14 to adult.

Meets Monday Evenings for 8 weeks

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