Erie ClaySpace is a 35-year-old Erie Institution with a new face. In 2016 a dedicated group of ceramics artists formed the Erie ClaySpace Artists Association. We have converted the ClaySpace studio at 1505 State Street, formerly run by the Erie Art Museum, into an independent non-profit association of ceramics artists. We are united in a common purpose — to help the studio survive and thrive through the 21st century. Our association commits to maintain Erie ClaySpace as a resource for clay artists in Erie and the surrounding communities. We continue to offer membership with 24/7 studio access, classes and workshops.

Erie ClaySpace is a full service ceramic arts studio in Erie, PA serving our members with pottery classes and studio work space, storage space, glazing materials and kilns. The studio is owned and operated by Erie ClaySpace Artists Association. We are a group of ceramics artists dedicated to growing our studio through community outreach and education by offering membership and pottery classes to the general public.

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